Dolls for the shop Modny Dom

 For friendly wallpapers-shop Modny Dom in Slavyansk-ns-Kibani I made this couple of working angels.

 They should prepare the shop for Christmas and New year holydays, decorate the Christmas tree, light the garlands and help the cash-desk with wallpapers.

I am really prideful for this small brush in her hand - it made from pine-wood, foil-metal and acrylic covering. Realistic enough.

This cutie tilda doll sits nicely cos of special adding in herfilling. Doll made from natural cotton fabric,hair from acrylic treads, hands could be turn around.

And the boy has a wings. I really does not want to made his wings fluuffy or from  puffy fabric - I wanted it look more technical than fairy-look.

I use as an inspiration Leonardo da Vinci wings drawing. This wings are detachable, theu will be in use in Halloween and for other holydays.

Even if this guys are small - onlu 30 centimeters high - they are very capable, cute and kind.

Its a New Year instalation in a shop.