Musketeer girl

Party dress for girl - shirt with laces, waistcoat and gloves.

 I was so glad to got this order - musketeer dress for new year's party. In my childhood Duma's books were my favorites, I did my diplom work with playing on background russian musical "D'Artagnan and the three musketeers", I saw may be two do dozens of this story movies - and I really liked historical films, so I knew that my dress will not be standart blue coat with white cross.

And client did not want standart way - so we decide it would be a classic XVII-XVII century shirt, waistcoat and gloves.

I made waistcoat from navy-blue velvet, cutted basque and small wings on a shoulders, with silver cord and ribbons as a decoration, hooks as a fastening.


The shirt has very simple and economical pattern - rectangular pannels for front, back and sleeve, with gusset. Rectangular collar.

Main difference from classic examples - the material. Its a carnaval dress, so I choose cream satin silk with two kinds of laces.

The hat from my own collection decorated with vintge brooch and straus feathers.

Gloves with wight cuffs decorated from the front with linen laces, and has a vibrant blue linning.

Later we made completely different look with this shirt for next party.

I will show it in other article.