Inspector Javert going home.

2017 .

Post-card paper, watercolor

10 х 15,5 cm.

Not for sale.

 When I choose a place for next travel I miss the Paris for a long time. It was always "may be next time" thing.

But it happened once - and motivation to see Paris was a Victor Gugot character from novel "Les Miserables".

I read this novel in very old and short ( as I found later) edition of 1956 year. Book is a real break size - and my edition - 2\3 of a brick high - but I really enjoied it in my teens. That time I was Jean Valjean fan.

 So I watcing the musical of 2012 and swear the casting - and you know what? I was really impressed of this Javert - the character whom I not see as a person before. Before Russell Crowe I saw in Javert only pedantic and angry rule-follower, mas animal catching a prey - but not a human.

This fandom gives me a lot good and I really appreciate it - especially for the Paris. Because I took a ticket and saw this city - and I like it!

There is a famouse medieval clock on the wall of Conciergerie. When I stay there and watch it in a blue twilight I imagined inspector Javert going this road twice a day, on a way to police department. 

So I had painted it.