Two gondolas across the palazzo Communale, Venice


Watercolor, paper.

32 х 24 cm.

Not framed.

 Venice and its canals could be taked of different ways.

Someone could see it as  touristic attraction - too decorative boats, too decorative boatmen - "and with additional money they will even sing for you"

Someone feel canals as dirty and smelling expirience, and gondola trip - overestimated and expensive entertaining.

Someone see it as a "to do list in Venice", could be afforded even with luggage on you airport way.

Someone see it as a part of usual venetian's life, part of it charm.

For me it may be all of that and may be more.


Sitting near the pier across of Palazzo Comunale I looked over gondolas and was surprised their beauty. Its a real art, not a compromiss of decoration and utility, but combining of both.

From metal end on gondola's nose  - ferro  - what is a counterbalance of gondolier and level of depth  to shapes of laquered bords, from carved banisters to cases for the bad weather - all in it designed perfectly. Beauty and utility.

I had painted this watercolor two days for 3-4 hours each - and all that time gondolas were changed their places, there were gondolas on Grand canal with tourists ( and with singing tenor): I saw pupils 6-8 years old whowere transported here on one of gondola; boats came, parked, departing. It was clear that it a normal, usual city transportation.

And I liked how  routing it looks like.

 No cars, no bycycles - all kind of wheels are forbidden, except for wheeled bags which locals used for shopping - markets sometimes are on a big distance.

Touristic Venice and usual life Venice are like two kind of dress of pretty  signora - for different occasions.


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